My name is Kiara Mays and I am a current employee at Atria Cranford, an assisted living facility located in Cranford, New Jersey. I just wanted to express our gratitude and appreciation for Nancy Pitkin’s “Music N’ Motion” DVD because the residents here as well as myself absolutely love it. I work in the Life Guidance department, which is a separate department from the rest of the building specifically for residents who are living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Let me just say that the residents here in the Life Guidance department sing along and know every single word to each song! All of that is to say, thank everyone who was involved in creating such a wonderful sing-a-long/exercise DVD and if you all ever find yourselves in the NY/NJ area, feel free to stop by Atria Cranford.

Best Regards,
Kiara Mays

Good morning, my name is Sandra and I am a Program Director for an in-patient dementia unit.  We utilize both DVD’s that you have made.  Music & Memories in Motion and Music and Motion.  My residents loves both your DVD’s.  You cannot imagine the impact these DVD’s have on a Dementia resident.  The movements are amazing but the music just pulls it all together for them.  I always have 100% participation when I play one of these DVD’s.
I just want to take this time to thank you for all you do.  Again, please let me know if a new one is coming down the pike so to speak.  I would be so very interested in purchasing it.
Thank you,
Sandra Portnoy
LEAP Program Director

“I felt great afterwards…..so relieved and uplifted!
It felt like stuff comes off of you!”

Michael Heaton – Navy Veteran (wounded in Iraq)

“I bought a little jingle bell that I’m trying to keep in my pocket so when I start to feel stressed I jingle it a little. Even just holding it seems to make me calmer.”

Dawn Devito – S & S Worldwide – Sales Rep

“Nancy has a beautiful melodic voice with a strength (power) to deliver lyrics that imprint themselves on the mind, heart and the spirit.

Her beautiful music and sound healing resonate inner peace and wellness for the whole self.”

C. Moore

“Musical Hand Therapy certainly helps us find that calm place within.”

Nicky Rodney – Executive Director – Arden Courts Assisted-Living Community
Sarasota, FL.

The following are testimonials from some of Nancy’s Workshops with Seniors:

“It was simply amazing.”

“I had never thought of how music and sounds can help us in positive ways.”

“We need more of that.”

From an Employee Appreciation Event Nancy facilitated, for nurses, with colleague Doug Suggs, a Reiki Master, Chaplain and Spiritual Arts Director for Arbor Acres Retirement Community:

“It was just what I needed.”

“I felt so relaxed and appreciated.”

“The atmosphere was very peaceful, and the snacks were great.”

“Sitting quietly and listening to the sounds did something good for me.”

“I want to personally thank you for speaking for us at NJAPA’s Spring Convention.  You had such a full room,  WOW!”

Kevin Bassinder NJAPA Web Site Chairman

“Sound Healing with Nancy Pitkin is like having an emotional massage!”

Patricia Stagis – Nurse Practitioner