Vocal Toning – A Wellness Program


This CD, “Vocal Toning – a Wellness Program,” was created to compliment my 5-step Musical Hand Therapy program, which focuses on humming with acupressure points. The CD can also be utilized on its own. It includes recordings of vowel sounds, chants, songs that can be accompanied by a hand drum or drums. Music contains vocals, piano, Pan and Native American flutes. Also included are note cards containing various exercises, a list of songs, and photos that show how a tuning fork can be utilized). This program can be used for a one-on-one activity or for a small group.


Contents of VOCAL TONING CD ~
VOCAL TONING – Vowels in Major Key – each one is :54
1  UH
2  OOH
3  OH
4  AH
5  EYE
6  AYE
7  EEE
8  FUNGA ALAFIA – African Welcome Song – 5:45
10 THE EARTH IS OUR MOTHER – Native American chant.

VOCAL TONING – Vowels in minor key – each one is approx. 1:15
11 UH
12 OOH
13 OH
14 AH
15 EYE
16 AYE
17 EEE
18. Stream sound with birds (short version) 1:53
19. Stream sound with birds (long version) 4:38

Examples of simple toning chants (2o, 21, 22)


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