Music for Older Adults

While in Nashville, in addition to her other work as a performer and songwriter, Nancy began playing in retirement communities. This led her to record her first CD of songs called “Old Time Favorites,” a collection of songs her father liked. Throughout the years he has supported her projects by giving her lists of his favorite songs to record.  Since then she has expanded her older adult music projects to include more CD’s and also DVD’s.

Currently Nancy is incorporating her knowledge of sound therapy into her work with older adults. Her latest project is a CD called, “Old Time Favorites that are Hummed.” It comes with a booklet called Musical Hand Therapy. This describes a 5 step wellness program using sound therapy.

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Favorite Hymns and Spirituals & Christmas at Our House CDs are available for purchase, as well as replacement lyric books for Old Time Favorite CD’s. Please contact Nancy at, for more info.